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“..that the light of scripture might more and more fill the human heart”  Dei Verbum

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The recent pilgrimage to Israel was a wonderful, blessed moment
for all of us.  We were 44 pilgrims of all ages and from all over -
Greensburg, Indiana, central Illinois, Vancouver Canada, Florida and Chicago. AMI Travel and Guiding Star Travel did a wonderful
job getting us to the important sites where we reconnected with the biblical story of our salvation.

The group could not have been better nor more fun.  We had
prayerful, emotional moments of contact with the roots of our faith as well as gales of laughter as we traveled all over Israel!
I’m deeply grateful to all the pilgrims, to Yair – our guide from AMI, Moussa, our driver and the staff at the Knight’s Palace where we stayed in Jerusalem.  Most of all I’m grateful to God for giving us all this wonderful opportunity.

Have a blessed Christmas and a health-filled New Year.