References & Testomonials

“I am happy to recommend Father Burton to you.  He is a Franciscan priest and biblical scholar who had been a member of the Faculty of Quincy University in our diocese.  While at the university, Father Burton worked with our diocese to establish the theological education portion of our permanent diaconate formation program.  Beyond that, I have found him to be both orthodox and enthusiastic in promoting biblical literacy among lay and ordained Catholics.

Father Burton earned the SSL from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, the STD from the Pontifical Gregorian University, and an MEd in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University (Chicago).”

Most Reverend George J. Lucas
Archbishop of Omaha

Fr. Bill Burton’s articulation of scriptures immerses participants in solid research from a historical, anthropological perspective that can be understood at many levels. He brings us closer to the “Word” as sacred, inspiring in the context of humanity and divinity.  His presentation is brilliant, down to earth and entices listeners to seek more, learn more and share more in community.  
Fr. Bill has a delightful sense of humor, is warm, personable and welcoming.  We highly recommend his energetic and passionate approach as a way to engage parishioners in more Bible study. We hope he is coming back next fall for a repeat.  ”He is wonderful!”


Dr. Barb Jarvis Pauls, D.Min.,

Pastoral Associate

Notre Dame Parish

Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Fr. Burton’s vast knowledge of Bible history and his interesting way of presenting his material makes Bible study rewarding, intriguing, interesting and just plain fun.  Parishioners are always asking: “When is Fr. Burton coming back?”


Fr. David J Poirier, SA

Pastor, St. Joseph the Worker RC Parish, Richmond, BC




I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about Fr. Bill Burton and the quality of his presentations; but what is even more important to me is that the participants in each of his workshops at St. Peter’s share my enthusiasm.  His reputation precedes him and guarantees good crowds whenever he speaks at our Church.  Fr. Bill is articulate.  His knowledge of the Bible and its culture is extensive.  His love for Sacred Scripture is inspiring.   What he has to say always helps his listeners hear what the Word of God has to say.  He’s welcome here any time and many times!

 Fr. William Spencer, O.F.M.
 Pastor, St. Peter’s Church in the Loop, Chicago, Illinois


” I had the great pleasure to attend sessions with Fr. Bill Burton for two years. I say without hesitation Fr. Bill is the best instructor I have ever had. I went in with the typical Catholic’s ignorance of The Bible.  After Fr. Bill’s presentations I now bring to my reading of Scripture a perspective that constantly and continually grows as more and more layers become clear over time. In fact, every time I attend Mass and listen to the readings Fr. Bill’s lessons come to bear. every time!. I am no expert in Sacred Scripture but thanks to Fr. Bill I now have tools to help my understanding grow. His presentation has my highest recommendation, in short, go once and you will return!”

Jim Citro
Vice-President / Investments
Branch Manager
Stifel Nicolaus & Co.
Quincy, Illinois


“Having been a Diocesan Director, as well as having served on the Board of Directors for NOCERCC, and also having served as Rector at The American College of Louvain (where we were very much involved in On-Going Formation of Priests, as well as Priestly Formation for theological seminarians), I know that outstanding resource-persons do exist.”

“…I believe that Bill has much to offer for priests in their continuing education and on-going formation.  Whether it be in the setting of an annual Convocation, or in a three-five day seminar, he could focus on any aspect of scripture, going into as much depth as desired.  He has much more to offer than mere theory; he can bring a new and deeper understanding of the bible in a practical sense.  He is dynamic and human, as well as learned and profound.  I can see where he would be a great asset to a presbyterate in focusing on the weekly preaching of the lectionary, for example.  Or, perhaps you might prefer that he consider the scripture reading of the Lenten Season, or the Advent Season, or the Easter Season.

I am pleased to recommend Father Bill Burton.”

(Rev.) Melvin T. Long


“As an educator, I find Bill to be one of the very best I have encountered in my 25-plus years in higher education. He has a natural talent for successfully engaging students in the classroom as well as an equally natural ability to “connect” with the material he is teaching… he is equally adept at teaching all varieties of courses and students, at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

..I would feel quite comfortable suggesting Bill¹s knowledge of the languages, literatures, and histories of the early Churches, including Christianity’s scriptural and oral traditions, is extensive forms Likewise, I can readily envision Bill excelling at scholarly debates on doctrinal controversies, as well as those relating to current theoretical and pragmatic issues in the study of religion.

On the personal side, I have always found Bill to be extraordinarily other-centered in his dealings with virtually everyone. He is, most assuredly, a team player who is quite willing to share both his time and knowledge with others.”

David A. Schachtsiek, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Quincy University


“I have known Dr. Bill Burton for thirty years as undergraduate classmates, friend, colleague, and as his Chair at Quincy University. In fact, I would say that hiring Dr. Burton is one of the finest hires with which I was ever involved. He is one of the best professors with whom I have had the pleasure of working.

Dr. Bill Burton is the epitome of a scholar-teacher. His research is crisp and exciting. Dr. Burton¹s work on the prophet-murder scheme in Luke¹s gospel turns fresh soil in biblical scholarship. Dr. Burton¹s scholarship extends this theme into the martyrology and ecclesiology of early Christianity. His use of hermeneutical theory holds rich promise for his research agenda. I continue to be particularly impressed by Dr. Burton¹s strong pedagogical ability to make these materials accessible, engaging, and relevant… I would be in awe of his capacity to bring the students into the course materials and to help them appropriate the materials for themselves.

.. Dr. Burton¹s good humor elevated the character of the school.

…I give Dr. Burton my very highest recommendation.”

Kenneth B. Homan, Ph.D.
Professor of Pastoral and Systematic Theology
Dean of Enrollment Management
Lilly Endowment Teaching Scholar in Religion


“I can state, without reservation, that he is a competent and dependable resource for workshops and ongoing education in the field of Biblical Studies.  Apart from this being his real “passion” in life, Bill is outstanding in his ability to entertain while imparting useful information.  This is true for both clerical/religious listeners as well as lay men and women.

Moreover, I would say that he is respected and admired by his Franciscan brothers, and this fact is no small accomplishment.

To date, Bill’s presentation has enjoyed the greatest admiration, especially from our lay collaborators in Provincial Services.”

Rev. Lawrence M. Nickels, O.F.M.
Franciscan Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Director of the Office of Friar Life


“Bill was with us at DePaul as a Visiting Assistant Professor in our Religious Studies Department from August 2004 through June 2005.  Sadly, we had no tenure track positions open, or we would have invited him to apply.  In fact, we asked him to consider staying with us for one to two more years but he was unable to do that.

During his time with us, Bill received the best student evaluations our Religious Studies department has seen in a long time.  His peer reviews were equally outstanding.

Bill brings an enthusiasm to his classes that the students found contagious; not an easy accomplishment when so many of his students were taking the classes simply because they were part of a general education requirement.”

Fr. Dennis Holtschneider
DePaul University


Over the past years Fr. Bill Burton has enriched our midday programs here at Saint Peter’s in the Loop with his biblical scholarship.  Bill commands an amazing command of the best of  contemporary biblical studies.  Whether introducing the laity to the foundations of the biblical world’s geography and culture, or the variety of literary genres within the Bible, Bill has the ability to share in clear and understandable ways his passion and understanding for the inspired Word of God.  His biblical seminars and workshops on both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament answer a crying need of today’s Catholics who are hungering for an understanding of Sacred Scripture and who might otherwise be led astray by simplistic and fundamentalist biblical interpreters.

Fr. Robert F. Pawell, OFM
Director of Programs
Saint Peter’s Church in the Loop
Chicago, IL